About Us

About Us

Innovate Solutions

We believe that the best creative talents in marketing and production work for themselves because their abilities allow them to. They pride themselves in their work because it’s personal, and it’s their passion and drive that set’s them apart from the rest. Innovate actively seeks the most talented individuals in their specific industries. By collaborating with the best at their respective professions, Innovate combines creative talents and strategic planning to execute ideas that connect your business and vision to the needs and desires of the people in your market. We approach each project and partnership through entrepreneurial eyes, giving us a perspective that adds additional weapons to our arsenal. Grass root marketing techniques and non traditional strategies that include social media save clients time and money while bringing unique options to complement traditional agency services.

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Michael Novelli


Michael emphasizes an entrepreneurial perspective that he brings to every client. He’s not afraid to bring a grass roots, guerilla marketing effort to a campaign, a perfect fit in the age of social media. His strong competitive nature is ignited by his desire to see clients succeed.

I root for the underdog. When they have the desire to learn, they succeed.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

Our Team

IMG 9504 2, Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator

Enthusiastic content creator and account coordinator, eager to contribute your success.

IMG 9455 4, Social Media

Social Media

Shaina is the energy behind Innovate social media campaigns.

IMG 9387, Accountant


She enjoys the attention to detail, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Clients will appreciate her keen eye and ability to negotiate rates.

IMG 9501 3, Sr. Account Executive

Sr. Account Executive

Industry stalwart, Bev brings her vast experience and client outreach to Innovate.

IMG 9475 2, Web Developer / Digital Media

Web Developer / Digital Media

As a kid, Cynder would use his Commodore64 to write his own opening screens to popular video games.

Advisory Board


Market Measurement
Business Intelligence
Customer Experience
Social & Digital


Paid Search
Social Media


Visual Concepting
Creative Strategy
Corporate Identity


Content Production
Event Planning

We Have The Know How

Our Capabilities

Innovate Solutions offers a full suite of video, post, digital and design capabilities and facilities. In addition to executing for Innovate clients, Innovate Solutions also provides these services for brands with In-House agencies and marketing departments that need to move projects quickly and on brand message.

From concept to creation. Asset management, digital optimization, or media buying — Innovate Solutions has the local team to scale for any project you need.

Innovate Solutions is Alaska’s answer for your marketing, production, and optimizatiton needs with services available for nearly any need.