The Innovate Philosophy

We believe that the best creative talents in marketing and production work for themselves because their abilities allow them to. They pride themselves in their work because it’s personal, and it’s their passion and drive that set’s them apart from the rest. Innovate actively seeks the most talented individuals in their specific industries. By collaborating with the best at their respective professions, Innovate combines creative talents and strategic planning to execute ideas that connect your business and vision to the needs and desires of the people in your market. We approach each project and partnership through entrepreneurial eyes, giving us a perspective that adds additional weapons to our arsenal. Grass root marketing techniques and non traditional strategies that include social media save clients time and money while bringing unique options to complement traditional agency services.


Meet The Team

The Innovate team is designed to analyze and service your needs from every angle. Your Business Strategist will hold to your vision and objective, the Creative Strategist will develop ideas, and the Media Strategist will carry out the details.

This brings a seamless experience of creativity, strategy, and execution.

Michael Novelli

Principal/Business Strategist

Michael Novelli is the founder of Innovate Solutions. His vision for Innovate was to provide an adaptive and fluid advertising agency to keep up with demands of the ever changing consumer. Novelli emphasizes an entrepreneurial perspective that he brings to every client. He’s not afraid to bring a grass roots, guerilla marketing effort to a campaign, a perfect fit in the age of social media. His strong competitive nature is ignited by his desire to see clients succeed.

What Inspires You?

Imagination and Underdogs.


Football, family, and anything organic.

Stephani Miller

Media Strategist

Stephani Millar is the unsung hero at Innovate. While others are out creating the next great ad campaign idea, she is analyzing schedules, rates and coordinating media buys. She enjoys the attention to detail, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Clients can appreciate her keen eye and ability to negotiate rates.

What Inspires You?

People that overcome the odds.


The Office, Celine Dion and country music.

Jaime Lozada

Creative Strategist

Jaime Kay Lozada embraces the written word with a touch of humor and perhaps a bit of sarcasm if the mood is right. A blogger and published author, Jaime cannot go a day without putting a pen to paper.

What Inspires You?

My children.


Reading, old movies and SEC football.

We think going stale is for bread.

Welcome to our Advisory Board, helping to keep us fresh just for you.

The Innovate Advisory board was developed to bring fresh perspective to the ever-changing marketing landscape. All Advisory board members are independent professionals, not employees of Innovate, and for good reason. We like to work with industry leaders that stay true to their craft and are current and active in their discipline. This prevents our work from becoming stale and instead creates a culture of constant growth, improvement and progress. Combined with a requirement of being passionate about their discipline and top professionals, each individual serves to recommend, inform and sometimes perform services relevant to the needs of Innovate clients.

Innovate Advisory board members are not category exclusive contracted either. They are a reflection of several independent professionals from each discipline that Innovate works with. This allows a variety of handpicked talents, skills and styles to team up for a customized experience for the client.

The Innovate Advisory board is a unique concept for an advertising agency. It’s fluid, with new members being highlighted in specific disciplines on a consistent basis. Stale is not in our vocabulary.

Vern Smith

Design / Developer

Dave Stroh

Media Relations

Bill Phillips

Storyboard Artist

McConell Adams

Audio / Talent

Zak Melms


Bianca Frank

Graphic Design