2023 Healthcare Marketing and Advertising Trends

Video is the Preferred Way To See Content

Each year, our team at Innovate assesses trending strategies for Healthcare marketing and advertising trends. An apparent constant is that Healthcare marketing is becoming more digitally integrated, but what trends have the staying power we need to pay attention to?

Understanding what is most effective and compliant with healthcare digital marketing trends is challenging, so we've narrowed them down in our series "2023 Healthcare Marketing & Advertising Trends."

Video marketing for doctors is a no-brainer.

The challenge is getting providers and surgeons to participate.

Video allows prospective patients to be inside the practice, allowing them to look behind the curtain to nurture a trust and liking with the physician and staff. It can be the ultimate display of "bedside manners". It's also a way to quickly get the provider involved in the marketing efforts with minimal time constraints, a critical factor.

Video gets better engagement and reach than graphics and text, a strategy worth integrating. A practice that implements this will beat out 90% of the competition.

Hearing directly from a medical provider with educational pieces, answers to FAQs, or descriptions of specific procedures or treatments is a great way to establish relevance and authority to the prospective patient.

What's easier? Convincing a busy surgeon to write a long blog post for several hours, or spending a few minutes through a month accumulating spoken video content?

Innovate is Alaska's leading short-form video agency, and coupled with our proven track record in medical marketing, we bring the perfect combo of experience and relevant trending video to reach prospective patients.

Give the people what they want; give them video.

Michael Novelli

Michael Novelli

Michael Novelli is the Founder and CEO of the digital agency Innovate. With over twenty five years of experience in marketing and advertising, he has firsthand helped hundreds of business owners achieve remarkable growth. Novelli enjoys finding entrepreneurial ideas that drive positive change in the world and giving them the legs to run.