Lead Web Developer

Growing up in a family of print directors and journalists, Cynder has always known that this was the field he wanted to be in. He brings a sharp perspective on design layout and our website development, making sure that everything on the web is running smoothly and efficiently for our clients.




The Artisan

How To Fascinate

Fun Fact

I was such a bad driver as a teenager, my grandparents sent me to driving school. Skip Barber Driving School — where they teach drivers how to race cars. Now, every green light is like a 9-second mile at the drag strip in my Volvo station wagon.


A Gen-Xer of a certain persuasion, I'm equally at home with classic rock, dance anthem, and big country riffs. I'm always down for a good sound ... here are some of my favorites:
• Journey
• Depeche Mode
• The Cure
• Sam Smith
• The Weeknd

Focus. Focus. Focus...
Moss giffy