Alaska Career College: Life Changing Career Training.

The Challenge

Originally the Travel Academy, the school gradually added programs in different industries and evolved into Career Academy. After 26 years, Career Academy was set to offer degree programs and to become a private college. It was time for a new name, look and feel across the board.

The Solution

As an educational institution, it was important to reinforce the heritage that had already been established as part of the rebrand. It was also an opportunity to capture the warmth, family, and sense of community from the school. To do this, it required going outside of standard client-agency meetings and focus groups. We rolled up our sleeves and became part of the school. We listened. We listened, to everyone. Our discovery was nothing short of amazing.

In essence, we got real. We shared absolutely inspiring stories of graduates, instructors and the President of the school herself. We reached out to the community and asked to hear their stories by partnering with a local radio group and the state’s largest television company to give away a $15,000 scholarship to someone in need. We shared their heartwarming story on television and radio. We led an effort for ACC to embrace social media. It started by collaborating with the education department to include social media training to all programs. It expanded to training several administration departments. We gave the public an inside look of the happenings on campus and what it is like being an ACC student through active YouTube engagement and local television news programs. We not only communicated the vision of the school owners but their passion and love for what they did. The students inspired them. We made sure the students and other pursuing their dreams knew that. No marketing manipulation or aggressive sales tactics, but a genuine reflection of a school that we, like many others came to love.

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